Flats with 2, 3, 4,  beds. Flat for disabledAll flats have a large living room, a kitchen,  bathroom with shower and heating 

Breakfast and diner

If required

Leisure time

Open bowling,  cycling,  children's games, ping pong

 July -  August

Other  periods

Flat  per couple

€ 38 per person*

€ 30 per person*

Flat  per 4 people

€ 38 per person *

Discount for families

€ 30 per person *

Discount for families





Crib to 2 years : free

*It includes bed,   bed linen, lighting, cold and  hot water,  gas for cooking, heating,  drinkable water,  equipment for games, mandarins and lemons.


Marmellate: (325g netto) € 5

Liquori.:(75cl ) €15

Agrumi (Limoni, mandarini, arance) da Novembre ad Aprile prodotti in azienda.